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Friendliest Cities

friendlyRating friendliness is a bit hard because it is a bit subjective depending on the people who answers the surveys or questions. However, as for the last few years, statistics have been solid and it has shown that there really is such a thing as the friendliest cities across America which are not only recognized through surveys, but overall impact as per tourists and even citizens themselves.

How are they rated as the friendliest?

This is a good question. These cities have been known not only for their hospitable environment, but also the local attractions, the ambiance, and even the personality of the citizens living in the cities. Like for example, the city of New York; yes this city is a bit famous for being the melting pot of the United States and the world literally so you would think that it is friendly right? But that is not the case because the high cost of living and the very diverse culture also puts a negative impact on the city itself and most people would not tend to agree that this is a friendly city to live in.

List of the 10 known friendliest cities in America

america-219896_960_72010. Asheville, North Carolina: people say that Asheville has an old friendly town feel and is filled with friendly and artistic people to talk to all the time.

9. Nashville, Tennessee: Famous for its music being a home for legends like Elvis Presley and many more country music legends, this city also boasts of the ambiance and the lots of things to do outdoors and places to visit.

8. Key West, Florida: Stressed out is not a visible term or a recognized one in this pleasant city.

7. Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Eclectic and funky is the best description for this one with lots of things to do outdoor making it a very friendly place to stay in for both tourists and locals.

6. Fort Worth, Texas: The best description is warm and friendly, and very accommodating. Much like their counterparts also in San Antonio, also included in this list.

5. New Orleans: The ambiance itself of this southern city is what makes it popular. And not to mention, the great sites and food make it indeed a perfect friendly place to hang out and stay for a vacation.

horseshoe-bend-4040_960_7204. Telluride, Colorado: Down to earth is the best description for the people living here. They are not snobby, and are very welcoming of other folks, even if you are from another country or place. Very livable and very friendly indeed.

3. San Antonio, Texas: Citizens in this part of Texas make it an ideal place. Its friendliness level is way above standards, and make it a favorite for tourists and locals alike.

2. Savannah, Georgia: As the oldest city in Georgia, when you go here, you will feel the flashbacks in time and of course, the old timers and the people here are like the only friendly folks of America way back in time.

ocracoke-332743_960_7201. Charleston, South Carolina: “Southern hospitality” is the keyword here. And if you should know, this is the third straight year that this city has been voted as such in the US. It really is the best place you should be if you are looking for friendly folks to interact with.

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  • Kay  says:

    Just curious statistics about the friendliest cities in America, but nothing more. I agree it’s relative, and besides I do believe that it’s not people or city that might be friendly to me or any other person… In fact, we get the treatment which we deserve, in most cases.