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Healthiest cities

healthyHealth is a very important factor for many people to consider when they choose a place to live. But looking for that specific place where you can live healthily is far harder that what you can actually imagine so what makes a place a healthy place or city to live in.

Considerations for healthy city:

  • Ambiance and environment. You should be looking at a place that is more nature oriented with parks, trees, and very little industrial innovations that can ruin the place.
  • Has considerations for health purposes and environment like recycling centers, clean air and waterways, and of course, garbage disposal.
  • Gives considerations for activities for the population. Trail parks, biking places, and even outdoor parks and recreational centers should also be abound to promote wellness and health for its citizens.

The known top cities in the United States as the Healthiest Cities:

    1. Honolulu Hawaii: Of course, Hawaii is a natural park in itself. With the healthy cities and beaches in that place and all the palm trees, it is a healthy place in itself. And with the activities abound like surfing, hiking, and so many outdoor and camping opportunities, it is a clear winner for a healthy city to live in.
    2. San Francisco: Food is one reason why this place can be called healthy. The Farm to table concept is very popular, so markets here have freshest fruits available and even the fish and meat that are freshly caught are sold and cooked in healthy means. And the bay area also boasts of walkways and parks where people can do recreational activities and have fun while keeping healthy.


    1. Silicon Valley, CA. Surprising to see this one on the list of the healthiest cities since it is like an electronic valley. But thanks to the companies that promote healthy living to its employees, the people who work and live here are all aware of keeping fit. They eat right, they walk and bike to work, and even the restaurants here are all serving healthy food for they also know how strict the companies here are in terms of health.

    1. Minneapolis, Minnesota: this city is actually a constant winner in terms of the title the healthiest city in America. Why? Because it is a fact that 17% of the whole city is devoted to parks, recreation, and people use. It promotes activity for individuals, and also keeps them active. And it is known that Minnesota has the fewest red flags in terms of environmental factors as per the EPA. Fresh air, clean water, and trees abound make this city an easy winner for the healthiest city in America.


    1. Boston Massachusetts: A famous city for its health reasons too. This is one of the places where the doctor to patient ratio is highest in the country. It is a highly walkable city too since it creates pathways for residents, and has lots of parks too. The city promotes healthy living too, and recycling is also a part of the city rules and regulations.

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  • Sammy¬† says:

    I can agree with the list of the healthiest cities in America. San-Francisco stands out in my opinion. It’s really very good place to live, from all sides! Love it!