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BangkokAccording to surveys, the most visited cities in the world all have different reasons for why they are actually visited. And if you look at the list, you will really understand why it is such. Like for example, the top city visited in 2014, which is Bangkok, Thailand, is heavily a favorite because of its shopping district. Other countries and cities are noted for their culture and historical value, and some are simply for recreation and fun. But let us take a look at these cities to know what they are all about.

The List

    1. Bangkok Thailand. As mentioned, not only the cultural heritage of this country, but more of its market and products, which many tourists find so good and cheap.skytrain-457296__180
    2. London, England. The capital of UK was the previous number one in 2013, but it got edged recently by Bangkok. But what appeals for this place is its old heritage, as England is part of the world culture, and even the US can claim its start from this country.
    3. Paris, France: Considered as the most romantic city in the world, thanks to the Eifel Tower and also the romance loving culture of the French. It is always on the top of the list when it comes to tourists, whether single, couple, or even for business. This city is also known for its good food and artistic entertainment abound.
    4. Singapore, Singapore: This small country, almost considered a city too, is a commercial powerhouse even with its small area. 7In Southeast Asia, it is considered as one of the top economies and therefore most of the visitors in this place is also business-related or concerned. Work and food are the driving factors for this city.
    5. New York City: Of course, this is the melting pot of the world in a sense. All cultures and all nationalities merge into this business district of the United States. The famous Times Square and the Central Park are proof of the power of this Northeastern City of the US.

  • Istanbul, Turkey: This is the crossroad of Europe and Asia, and it has been on the top list for most visited cities for such a long time already, even when planes and trains were not yet abound. It boasts of historical culture and also tourist spots which make a lot of people relate to it.
  • Dubai, Middle East: The only Middle Eastern city in the list, it boasts of world class hotels like the Burj Khalifa, and also a favorite tourist spot for the rich Arab people and people all over the world.dubai-1234524_960_720It is also a fast developing city that surprises a lot of economies all over the world.
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Another Asian capital which boasts of traditional culture and tourist spots all over. A favorite destination for tourists and businessmen alike.
  • Hong Kong: The origin of China as they say. It is a small city state which boasts of culture, heritage, and of course, the night markets where all things can be bought at cheap prices.
  • Barcelona, Spain: A famous place since the early times. Boasts of historic spots and old culture and art places to visit. The ambiance in this city is also great for tourists.


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  • Angelica says:

    Well, in this list of most visited cities in the world all of them are definitely worth visiting. I was in seven of them, and I can definitely say that all of them have their advantages and I would most likely like to visit the all again! Especially Barcelona and Dubai!