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Walkable cities

walkablePart of the allure of a livable city is the fact that you can walk around easily in the areas around it. It promotes health and wellness, and it will also give people the feel that this is a place where they can easily live in, without the requirements for cars, transportation and such. Healthy living is important these days too, so you can easily imagine as to why the walkable streets appeal to people who love to keep themselves healthy.

What are the advantages of a walkable city?

– Keeps things at the healthy level. Less cars, less pollution. Air is much more breathable.

– No traffic. Human traffic is not comparable to transportation traffic.

– More time to appreciate nature.

– Arts are promoted better. Remember that artists tend to stay in cities where they can be themselves and feel the surrounding nature too.

Walkable cities in the world list:

    1. Florence Italy: The old cobblestone streets are perfect for walking around. Very small streets and tight areas prevent cars from moving about. But according to those who have been in this place, the art and history in this place is perfect. Frescoes and architectures will be appreciated better when you walk this historic place in Italy.venice-194835_960_720
    2. Paris France. Ideal for all people, romantics or not alike. The streets of Paris is famous for its artistic nature and also its ambiance. And of course, if you watched the Da Vinci Code, you will note that people can follow the old rose line trail and into the city itself to the Louvre and many other artistic and historic places in this city.
    3. New York City, New York. Though this is both a walkable city and also a transport laden city, there are big parts and areas where you can simply walk and enjoy the view. Like the Central Park, where you can sit back and simply walk the trails inside this place. Also, there are jogging and biking paths all around. The streets may be full of people, but they all are walking to avoid traffic too.
    4. Vancouver, British Columbia: A natural place where there are so many historical places to go about by walking. You will get to enjoy nature in its splendor and also have more to enjoy with its natural camps and trails.
    5. Edinburgh, Scotland: This place retains its old heritage from back in the 1800s where it is a very popular place for travel and also as a developing place in Europe. Old streets where people walked in the past are still there and its culture has really made it one of the oldest cities you can walk around in Europe these days. But infused with the old medieval settings are new pubs, cafes, restaurants and many more places you would love to hang out it.

6.Boston, Massachusetts: Also one of the healthiest cities in the US, Boston is considered as one important                        place for people giving consideration for health. With lots of parks and recreational spots and even bike                          and walking trails, you can certainly walk around this place easily and there are lots of places to stop and rest too. A place to really walk and have fun so to say.venice-194835_960_720

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  • Christiana  says:

    Very useful information on most walkable cities. I personally like to walk a lot, especially when on holidays. For one reason, it is a good exercising after long office months; then, it is so interesting, because you might come across not only interesting places, but also interesting people. Moreover, when walking, I feel myself as a boss of my life, not tied to parking, drinking/not drinking, stuff like that.