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vacationEveryone must have fantasized about their dream vacations at least once. Traveling is not limited for the rich and those on sabbatical anyway. Over the years, traveling has evolved to be something for everybody. Cheaper air fares and hotel accommodations have become the recent trends. Booking a flight and reserving a room have also become rather easy what with the booming online tickets and several smart phone applications that let you do so. The only problem right now is determining where you want to go or at least, where you want to go first, considering the long list of potential travel destinations. In this article we will provide you with a general idea of good destinations that might be convenient when you will be traveling under some circumstances.

Traveling with kids

Family vacations are one of the most exciting and happiest moments in a child’s life. However when going on one, parents should also be able to enjoy themselves and not solely focus their attention on the kids. Hence, an ideal destination would include places that have safety precautions for kids along with spots where the adults can also relax and enjoy. On that note, going on personal camps, private beaches and long road trips would be a bad idea. This is especially when there more kids than the adults and when they kids are younger than 13 years old. Kids would not really be able to control themselves and they might wander off. It’s also tough to find bathrooms in long road trips so that is also a definite no.

1Some good places to go on vacation with kids are amusement parks. Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are fun places for kids and they also cater to adults. There are tons of activities and rides to enjoy and also a lot of food booths and stalls. Joining family camps can also be a great idea if you really want to do it. They have several attendants that can look things over for you and other families will also be there. You and your kids might be able to make some new friends, and this is much safer than taking your kids in the jungle alone. Also, staying over at resort hotels is the better idea when going on some fun in the water. They have lifeguards to watch over your kids and you could also enjoy a relaxing body massage while sunbathing.

Traveling with friends

2There are fewer restrictions when going on vacation with friends or even your lovers. You can actually do anything so long as everybody is up for it. Moreover, all expenses are split equally so you don’t have to worry about much. You can go overseas to the Caribbean. You can go surfing in Hawaii, diving in Australia or visit the tropical islands of Thailand or the Philippines. You can also go mountain trekking, camping, or skiing. You can also have city tours – go to London, Tokyo, or Taipei. You can also go on a safari trip in South Africa, or even cross-out some of your bucket list like bungee jumping or riding a hot air balloon or sky diving. There is an unlimited list of possibilities. The only problem is that everyone should really get along and approve of the idea. Otherwise, some people may be troubled and end up not having any fun.

Going on an adventure with your lover and following the same destinations is also another wonderful idea. If you’re getting sick and tired of your romantic getaways in Maldives, discover more about each other by going on trips as friends cross out your bucket list together.

Traveling alone

Although most people nowadays are in on this trend of travelling alone, there still aren’t many places that are lone traveler-friendly. You’d notice that most travel packages are for families or couples. Moreover, it is more expensive. However, traveling alone is an experience that is all worth it. You get to discover so many things around you and also about yourself. Traveling with other people would sometimes make you hold yourself back. For example you’re in South Africa, you’d like to swim with the Great White Sharks but it is too dangerous for your kids, and your friend can’t swim or is afraid. You would then give up and move on to another destination, and so missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity to cross out one of the top things in your bucket list. But if you’re alone, you don’t have to worry about anyone else but yourself and can do anything you want. With that said however, there are still places that you shouldn’t go or else you’d just end up like some miserable folk who is against any companionship.

3Of course, you should try to avoid family-oriented places like Walt Disney World and other amusement parks. Paris and Venice are not ideal options either. Going on eco-trips on the other hand are very wise decisions. You can go visit national parks like the Yellowstone in Montana, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, or the Great Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. It is a wonderful experience to surround yourself with nature when you are alone. You get to discover so much about this world and maybe you’d even realize many things about yourself. Renting a cabin and going on country sides and seeing nature that is untouched by human civilization would also be a great experience. Museums, historical places and art exhibits are also wonderful ideas.

All in all, traveling is such a wonderful experience that everyone should do at least once in their lives. When it comes to traveling, there is no young or old, rich or poor. You can start anywhere – nearby or faraway. The important thing is to discover so much about yourselves, your travel buddies, and be able to learn something great from the places you go. And also to have a great bundle of fun that you will always be able to keep forever. So the next time you find yourself thinking “Where should I go vacation?” keep these things in mind.

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  • Natasha¬† says:

    Every year I ask myself: “Where should I go on vacation?” and I should say it varies really. It depends on what exactly I want to get from my vacation. Actually, I prefer warm sunny countries, with beaches as well as with beautiful landscape. Though, I also like skiing resorts. I would say, I am happy to go anywhere, because travelling is my biggest hobby in life.