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Best Ski resorts

skiWhen the word ski comes up, the idea of snow and ice skis are the first words to come to mind, and, of course, mountain trails and cold places also follow. Ski is like the best winter thing to do, and, of course, it is for those people who love these cold places and skiing per se. It is not just the cold winter weather, but being able to drink hot chocolate on your rest and all bundled up and cozy in cabins and with fire makes it really feel like this is the perfect vacation to go into for anyone. Now for those who are actually interested, there are actually very good places enough to be called the best ski resorts in the world, and they are all in this particular list for one good reason… Perfect place for ski and relaxation! Though some of these places in the list is quite hard to go to and are considered very far and some of them even remote, once you get to see the ski resorts in the area, all you can do is sigh and think how worth-it your travel and your expense will be just to get that perfect ski slope and the perfect ambiance for a cold weather ski and vacation. So in no particular order, here are some of the best ski resorts in the world as per our bucket list:

Meribel, France

Definitely one of the best places to start off, as this place is world class when it comes to skiing for all abilities whether you are a beginner or an expert. The different kind of slopes and terrain presents all kinds of experiences which makes skiing so fun. And more than the ski slopes, the resort and town itself if a very good place for vacationing singles, couples, and even families as everything about it is mesmerizing. Really a perfect place to start off this list of best ski resorts in the world. Some of the famous resorts here are the resort of Meribel from the 3 Valleys ski area, and there is also the Val d’Isere or Tignes in the Espace Killy ski area.

Meribel in fact got the vote over some of the other good ski places around Europe mainly because it’s the middle valley, which means that it makes it easy to ski in any of the 3 valleys, notable for anyone who wants to take it slow on these slopes and not feel rushed. One significant factor to Meribel being a good choice is the fact that it’s been developed the old school low-level chalet style development rather than high-rise apartments which are not too attractive when it comes to old school feeling in terms of ski resorts.

Revelstoke, Canada

001Canada is definitely a place to look for in ski slopes and resorts, and Revelstoke is one of the best names to come around when it comes to this topic. Let us summarize this one: perfect on-mountain terrain, steep and open powder faces, tree skiing, long and well-maintained pistes for every skier group, cat-skiing operation, and of course ½ a million acres of heli-skiing terrain that adjusts to every kind of skier out there.

Revelstoke is really a good place for skiing, but the town itself which is a good 15 minutes away from the ski slopes present the best ambiance as it is not that big and gives off a very friendly vibe, with lots of bars and restaurants and places you can stay for your vacation at this grand old skiing place.

Riksgransen, Sweden

While most of the other ski resorts are closing after around Easter, Riksgransen is open all the way up until June, and this is one reason why this is such a good skiing ground keeping the season alive well into the month mentioned. Riksgransen means you will be skiing at midnight at over 200km north of the Arctic Circle. The place itself is also good with the resorts very typical but accommodating of all skiers groups.

Alyeska, Alaska, USA

Alaska has always been a favorite destination for all skiers as it represents one of the top most places in America and definitely one of the coldest ones too. But that is perfect for skiers as long snows and powder snow is perfect for them. Alyeska is just about that, the perfect Alaskan ski trail.

Most go to Alaska for either ski touring, ski mountaineering or heli-skiing. The resort of Alyeska is said to be the best place for heli-skiing without the price tag which makes other resorts hard to go to. Here pay for very little yet still get to enjoy skiing to the max.

33-year average snowfall of over 16 meters keep the pistes in top pristine condition and even the off piste fresh all the time. The mountain here is quite open, with multiple black diamond chutes and wide exposed faces. There are varieties too for intermediate and beginners and even experts, so expect all kinds of maintained and well looked after trails abound.

Zermatt, Switzerland

2The Matterhorn in Switzerland is possibly the most perfect and most iconic mountain on the planet, and skiing is definitely a very big part of its history too.

Zermatt and also the Verbier, are without doubt Switzerland’s top resorts, but only Zermatt and the linked Italian resort of Cervinia have the Matterhorn in its background and backdrop. Zermatt has world-class skiing trails, a very good snow record to boot. The in-resort facilities you’d ever need are all found in there and you can say it is a skier’s dream place when it comes to top destinations. While a tad expensive, it should be skied at least once so you can really say that you are a real skier or a real fan of this hobby.

St Anton, Austria

Aside from simply skiing, this place is famous for its clubs and parties. But if you look at the major ski resorts here, then every self-respecting skier should try it at least once in their life. And not to mention that the cool Dutch people in their boots look really cool and the women so sexy, makes the experience of going to this resort an experience to remember, well, of course for many reasons. But majorly, it is also for good skiing for every level too whether beginner or expert.

Telluride, Colorado, USA

The US of A, of course, has its own set of good skiing resorts that you can visit at any time. Aside from the famous Aspen in Colorado, of course there is the San Juan Mountains of Colorado which is amongst the newest on the continent and its sharp terrains make it a perfect spot for skiers all around the world to be visiting.

The main resort of Telluride is notable in the past for gold mining and some good old bank jobs, and it even claims to have the first bank that Butch Cassidy robbed in the 1800s. In the end, it is the absolutely fantastic desert-dry, light-as-air snow that attracts all skiers from around the world.

Its old school and old west style town is also a perfect venue to relax after a long day of skiing, and the bars and restaurants in town have good food and cozy people that makes this place really an all-American location that any person would love to visit, skiing or simply for vacationing.

Whistler, Canada

In Vancouver Canada, many people will have the resort of Whistler as number one in their go to list for skiing, and for many good reasons we can say too.

Whistler is awesome, while epic and brilliant at the same time, and a lesson in how to create a joined-up ski resort that works for every single level or kind of skier is the main attraction. The marketing director’s favorite line is: “If you don’t come this winter; it’s just another year before you do.’ and that simply puts confidence on how this ski resort is that good and why it is on the top of everyone’s list, including mine.

The snow level is always good as it is hit most of the time by pacific storms, so it is not the dry kind and the snow is better than most snows even in Europe.

Murren, Switzerland

3Aside from the Matterhorn, Switzerland is abounded with postcard-perfect mountains. Murren just happens to be one of these places where you will enjoy such a breathtaking view and at the same time, get a perfect ski area where every skier would want to try.

Not only is it a beautifully tranquil traffic-free village, but it is also linked to the fantastic Jungfrau ski area. Worth mentioning, of course, is the longest downhill run in the world, the Lauberhorn, which many skiers have tried in the past, and either enjoyed it or paid for it dearly. The resort also sits in the shadow of one of the most imposing mountain face anywhere in the world which is the Eiger.

The Swiss really have it good with all their snowy peaks and mountains which make it a perfect place for skiing, and Murren is no exception and will certainly make it to the top of anyone’s list at any given time.

There are lots of other good skiing places and resorts all over the world, but the ones mentioned above are definitely the ones that are worth every skier’s money to go to at least once in their skiing lifetime.


  • Lucky  says:

    We like skiing a lot in our family and we try to go at least twice during winter time to some skiing resorts. We have relatives living in France, so Alps is our favorite destination and the best ski resorts we find there. In Europe everything is so close, that even if we are in France, we can still enjoy skiing in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France during one vacation. It’s just fantastic!

  • Roxana  says:

    Well, I can agree with the list as for the best ski resorts in the world, but also I understand that everything is relative. Some people value balanced proportion between the price and quality, others like particular countries. I like Europe the most, not Scandinavian part, but Central. Not that cold, good quality of life, excellent skiing and a lot of fun always!