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gayThese days, the LGBT or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender movement is really becoming a big part of society. All over the world, the movement has become an integral part of many things, and that would have to include even party lists, and even functions and events in society. You would see many personalities coming out in the open about being Lesbian, being gay and they have become accepted in our society. America in itself is slowly becoming more and more accepting of this movement and, in fact, many of the states and cities here are adapting laws and legislations about this segment of society.

If you happen to be a member of this community, you would be surprised to know that there are a number of cities now that you can consider to be gay-friendly, or even accepted the fact that you are gay and you can live without any problem. There is no harassment, and definitely, it can be called the gayest cities in America so to speak. It is like a dream come true for many gay people to be living in these cities, and let us see some of the top ones where gays can be considered as a real part of their culture and society.

Carlsbad, California

5This city would offer more than LEGOLAND and the warm temperatures. In fact, this city is home to the congregation called the B’nai Tikvah, which is an LGBT-friendly synagogue. In its population, there is a good number of gay people, and it is growing by the minute. And this place is also the home to one popular lesbian surfer, Cori Schumacher, who is a staunch advocate of the LGBT community and she has a movement called the Inspire Initiative, which is a nonprofit organization for empowering women using surfing as a means and also acceptance in the surfing community. So far, it has been a bit successful at that.

Washington, D.C.

One of the leading cities where the LGBT community is getting more and more recognition. Not only is activism and inclusiveness a part of its daily movement, but there are even three major Jewish LGBT organizations, the Dignity USA, Light of Reformation and the Queer for Christ. It also has the Muslims for Progressive Values Unity Mosque which is for the Muslims too. This main city is also home to an LGBT thriving theater scene that hosts touring shows like The Book of Mormon, Once, and Legally Blonde. There is also the Capital Fringe, which is a world-renowned independent theater festival. One major part about the District is that there is a strong nondiscrimination law that prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, so being gay here is really becoming normal.

Cambridge, Mass

Having the first black lesbian mayor in Denise Simmons greatly helps the city in becoming one of the gayest in America certainly. In 2008, it was the first city to pass a law that provides stipends to partnered public employees which would offset the federal tax on same-sex spouses’ health benefits. Discrimination against gays and lesbians is also in effect for work and employment so gays can easily get work in this city as there are lots and lots of gay-owned businesses here in this major city. Heck, even the Harvard University has become the epicenter of progressive cool for the LGBT community.

Boise, Idaho

This is one of the places that made quite a history from the infamous Boise homosexuality scandal way back which made some real good news and had a ripple effect on Americas society, But now it has become one of the bigger cities in terms of being LGBT friendly as there are now laws on discrimination for the LGBT which was successfully passed in 2012. One proof you can see is the theater scene that brings in big-name Broadway shows like The Book of Mormon, Jersey Boys, and Mamma Mia! Boise is also home to the Idaho Gay Rodeo Association, which is a big chapter of the International Gay Rodeo Association. It is really becoming one of the top gay cities in America these days.

Spokane, Washington

This city boasts of the first radio station for gays, which is the Queer Sounds on 92.3 FM on Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. It is purely for the gays and lesbians and the queers, as the show promotes only LGBT artists which are quite to say, as LGBT as it can get. The city has passed the Washington’s trans-inclusive nondiscrimination law and it is also home to an Eastern Washington University campus that welcomes the public to events like Gender Awareness Week. There are a lot of LGBT groups also that represent a small chunk of the queer part of the city like the Pink Pistols, which is a book group at the Inland Northwest LGBT Center, a gay bowling league, and events like the Spokane LGBTQ Film Festival and OutSpokane, an annual pride celebration for the LGBT community.

Boulder, Colorado

In 2008, it has enacted the nondiscrimination law which made headlines, and then this year, the county clerk started to issue marriage licenses to over 200 same-sex couples before marriage equality became legal. OutBoulder, an LGBT organization, has been connecting the LGBT community since 1994 by organizing listings for the dozens of groups and events. These groups would have to include the Trans Game Night, Gay Men’s Knitting Group, Gender Non-Conforming Support Group and the Old Lesbians Organizing for Change and many more.

Tacoma, Washington

Located in between the gay heavy states of Seattle and Portland, Tacoma is really one of the gayest cities in America and it ranks high thanks to the statewide trans-inclusive nondiscrimination law and a strong sense of LGBT community. In fact, they even have events like the Earth Gay event, and groups like OutVentures that would lead camping and hiking excursions throughout the year for the LGBT community.

Erie, Pennsylvania

This used to be an old manufacturing city in northwestern Pennsylvania which has an LGBT law or the trans-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance, LGBT-friendly restaurants and bars. It also has a very strong sense of acceptance for the LGBT community which even has its own Erie Gay News where since 1992 the gay residents have been able to find events that are happening all over the month. Such popular events like the Lake Erie Gala sponsored by the Erie Sisters Transgender Support Group and many more.

Salt Lake City, Utah

You can easily say that this is quickly becoming the enclave of queers in red Utah due to the number of gay communities that have sprouted up. There is the Utah Pride Center, and even has a gay monthly rag, the LGBT film festival Damn These Heels, and even a queer thrift store. It is fast becoming a major center for the LGBT community here.

Lansing, Mich.

Definitely one of the more popular places for the LGBT community as you can’t walk down the streets of Lansing without being protected by the non-discrimination ordinance. Each year, LGBT organizations from throughout Michigan convene at the capitol for Michigan Pride to celebrate the state’s achievements and in any case, also for acceptance and unity for the future.

West Palm Beach, Fla.

West Palm Beach has a trans-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance that takes effect for its citizens. . Residents and visitors can go to the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts, home of the Miami City Ballet, and the Palm Beach Opera. It also hosts touring Broadway shows like The Book of Mormon. The queer people also have trendy restaurants, such as the gay-couple-owned Table 26 and karaoke on Sundays at neighborhood spot Rooster’s. Truly a gay paradise and one of the gayest cities in America.

Atlanta, Ga.

atlanta-667960_960_720There are about 5 gay Jewish organizations here in Atlanta, which include a Muslims for Progressive Values Unity Mosque, a support system for those living with HIV/AIDS, a Black and White Men Together group, a Gay Fathers of Atlanta club and recreational groups like LGBT choirs and even a gay gun club. Strong nondiscrimination laws are in effect that protect against sexuality and gender identity. This city is a haven for the queer so to say.

There are lots of other gay cities all over America and it is hard to mention them all here in this article. But the important part to know is that America does acknowledge its queer communities, albeit slowly. But thanks to the awareness these days and the laws that pass to help them, the gay and lesbians all over the place are not anymore being discriminated highly like in the past. And, in fact, Hollywood is even helping out a lot with all these shows and personalities that are becoming advocates of the movement themselves. It won’t be too long when finally more and more cities in America become gay-friendly. In the meantime, the gayest cities in America would have to be the above-listed cities and many more so go visit them if you have the chance.


  • Nicki  says:

    Hmm…. A bit surprising list of cities. Though, I do not really care which are the gayest cities in America. These guys do not bother me at all, so this information is kind o no value to me.

  • Jen  says:

    If I had issues with gays, say, I were intolerant to them or something, then perhaps, I would try to avoid cities which are considered to be gayest. Or if I were a gay myself, I would probably consider moving to the gayest city in America. But I am neither of mentioned, so I am good where I am …;)