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Jobs to Travel

jobTraveling in the Modern World

The world has become significantly smaller with the advent of technologies and tools that allow people to communicate with others in far-off places. Advances in the world of aviation and shipping have also made it easy for people to travel to almost any destination throughout the globe. As everyone knows, traveling is something that almost every single human being raised in the modern world has dreamed of.

Traveling also has a lot of benefits, such as:

  • It opens up new worlds and gives the person new experiences that would otherwise have been impossible if he stayed within the confines of his comfort zone.
  • It gives the person a chance to understand his own strengths and weaknesses. Traveling can be likened to taking a fish out of the water because it takes the person out of a world that he has known all his life and thrusts him into a world where breathing is nearly impossible. The innate instinct to survive on that new world will give the person enough motivation to find new ways to breathe by adjusting the different culture and trying to be understood amidst the differences in the language.

However, despite all the modern means that makes traveling possible, only a handful of people are able to realize their dream of going to different places. This is because the cost associated with traveling to new places, especially if the place is a well-known tourist destination, is quite high and not everyone can afford it.

In addition, some people who love to travel are often unable to do so because of the time constraints on their jobs. This leads many young professionals to ask the all-important question: are there any jobs that allow you to travel?

The answer is yes.

Jobs to Travel

ipad-632394_960_720People inevitably think of the travel industry as soon as they start looking for jobs that will allow them to see the world. The thing is that not everybody qualifies for a job as a flight attendant or a pilot. However, this fact should not discourage anyone. There are many other answers when the question related to ‘jobs that allow you to travel’ arises, such as:

  • Executive Assistant – This might not be as glamorous as being a flight attendant, but it still has its perks especially if the individual is working as the EA of the corporate boss of a multi-million dollar global company. Think: wherever the boss goes, you go there too.

This comes with the added advantage of traveling in style, such as on private planes or on business class accommodations on commercial flights. If the boss is on a working vacation, then chances are big that he would take his executive assistant with him while traveling aboard a luxury yacht.

  • Seafarer – Seafarers are probably the most traveled people in the world. Their jobs take them to places that they otherwise would not be able to afford on the salary of regular workingman. A 3- or 6-month contract can take them from the Port of Gibraltar to the Port of Tunisia and on to the ports of far-off Australia and Latin America.4

Once they reach these destinations, seafarers get a few hours or an entire day to go on ‘shore leaves’. This often gives them enough time to see the amazing pyramids in Egypt, go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem’s religious sites, or to have a photo op at the Sydney Opera House.

  • International Aid Worker – This job combines a person’s love for traveling and the goodwill of his country to help countries in need. An aid worker often visits countries in conflict or countries that have recently experienced a catastrophe such as the super typhoon that hit the Philippines in 2013 or the more recent magnitude-7 earthquake in Nepal.

The job also often requires the individual to interact with society’s less fortunate people who are often in dire need of a good housing facility, some nourishing food and good long bath. However, the less fortunate could also be the most genuine in their welcome of the foreign aid workers.

  • Freelancer – This could be either as a freelance writer or as a freelance photographer. Most people assume that travel writers only write about things that involve travel, such as the culture, the place, prices, etc. However, it is still possible to become a travel writer by writing other things that interest the individual. If he is interested in banking, then he can write about local banking processes in the place where he is currently at and then submit this to a financial magazine or a banking journal.

You can find many other jobs that allow you to travel, and all these jobs require extensive preparation.

How to Prepare for Jobs that Allow you to Travel

5Note that almost every job that allows people to travel requires them to possess a certain skill or to have finished a degree in the related field. For instance, people who want to ply the high seas as a seafarer have to enroll in a course where they can earn a degree or a certificate that will qualify them for the job of a seafarer.

In most countries, students can either choose a course that will eventually lead them to be assigned to the deck such as the galley and the bridge, or choose a course that will teach them how to take care of the ship’s engines below deck. Either way, they will still have to finish the course and earn their degree or certificate so that they will qualify for the seafarer’s licensure examination.

One thing to take note of before submitting an application for any of the jobs that allow you to travel is the fact that traveling for an extended period can become lonely. These jobs usually take people to places that are far from their families and friends and where they will have to re-learn the basics of turning strangers into close friends. So be sure to prepare yourself not only mentally and physically, but also emotionally before fulfilling that wanderlust.


  • Peggy  says:

    Since my university days I said to myself: “You have to consider only jobs that allow you to travel!” Now I have a job that allows me to travel at any time of the year. I teach languages, give private lessons, at home, in café, on the beach, by Skype and even by telephone (when people commute to work, we can study meanwhile). Besides I do translations, some writing, which means that all I need is my computer and Internet (not always though). I am the boss of my life! I love it!

  • Mary  says:

    Travelling is my hobby. I think that money should be spent on travelling rather than on clothes, cars, property. There are jobs that allow you to travel whenever you want. I have chosen one. I know a few languages and I am freelancing as a translator and/or interpreter. All I need is my comp, that’s it. I have no bosses, no schedule, no any other anchors related to permanent jobs. I am really happy about my life style!

  • Vinnie  says:

    There are a bunch of such jobs in fact. I would probably join some international aid organization to go around the world and make a great deal for people who are in need, or who are suffering after natural disasters… it is so good to make someone’s life better..

  • Eleanor  says:

    I know a lot of people whose job includes frequent travelling and these jobs are very different. It can be any type of international business, promoting various products, it can be professional sport, like tennis, or freelancing, say writing, translations, and so on. I like this, every day brings new impressions and emotions and it is very interesting.

  • Angela  says:

    If to know a few foreign languages, the chances to travel the world become really high not only as an interpreter or translator, but also any other profession, from the doctor to sales representatives will become jobs that allow you to travel the world.
    It makes me really happy. I am teaching languages, work as translator/interpreter and I am also freelancing. I do not need to go to the office, I just need to have computer with me, that’s it!