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You might want to live in a country that best reflect your lifestyle and personality. You might want to move into to a country where you can thrive in or your aspirations can be fulfilled to the full potential extent. There are certain parameters which should be considered without fail so that you will be well balanced physically, mentally and spiritually.

Criteria for selection

In order to address the question, ‘what country should I live in?’, you should consider various factors which include climate, safety, life expectancy, employability, education, per capita income, human development index, environmental performance and human development index. The decision to move to a country should not be based upon a country’s robust economy as it will not guarantee joy and peace.

1The climatic conditions will have major impact on your health. It is difficult to bear extremely hot and cold conditions. The crime rate should be at the minimum or zero. The crime rate will be assessed with the experiences of tourists and data collected by various international agencies. Personal security and risks from various quarters should be assessed.

If the country that you would like to move-in has higher percentage of young working population (aged between 15 and 64), the economy will be strong. The country should be proactive in preservation of the ecosystem and human-beings should be protected from harmful environmental conditions.

The mortality rates in each age group should be constant and the average number of years lived by a person will be counted. The level of corruption that happens in public sector companies and data collected by independent agencies will help you answer ‘what country should I live in’.

Education, research & development facilities and religious intolerance should be accounted as it will help you grow, express and practice with great freedom. The country’s living standard will be known through the ‘per capita income’. It should be considered in international currency.

The quality of life is based upon various factors including literacy, life expectancy and standards of living. The economic policies implemented in a country will also influence the quality of life in the short and long run. The human development index will denote whether you are living in a developed, developing or underdeveloped country.

The country’s vulnerability to various kinds of natural disasters should be assessed. The index which is the culmination of earthquakes, floods, storms, droughts and tsunami should be at minimum levels for safe living.


The life expectancy in Australia is 82 years. You will have great satisfaction in life. People will manage good health and high level of safety is assured. People work hard and the work-life balance is less than the top 10 countries. Income levels, jobs, education and housing are far better than many countries. It is one of the countries in the world where democracy works. The country has the highest rates of immigration in the world. You can apply for travel visa to Australia through online and you are not required to reach consultants or stand in queues. Australians preserves the ecosystem. You should understand that there are more kangaroos than humans in Australia.


In terms of total land mass, it is the third largest economy in Europe. Every citizen of the country is assured of highest standard of living. Free day care service and 16 months of parental leave is the highlight. Even though climatic conditions are extreme, people will not be affected and they will enjoy skiing, sledding, ice skating and long walks. Women can live safely in this country. Strong independent media, sound public transportation and strong economy attract people from various countries. Universal healthcare and freedom of choice will help individuals grow to the full potential extent.


3It is the best and happiest destinations in the world. The crime rate is zero. The quality of life is very and the economy is very stable. With excellent health care system, 18 weeks of paid leave for women, the country offers great scope for health and family unity. People are very much concerned about the environment and you can find the best answer to ‘what country should I live in’. You can enjoy 100% free education and 79% of women are employed. If you are unemployed, you will get 90% of the salary for 2 years.


It is the second largest country in the world in terms of land space. The average life expectancy is 81 years. The country has the best health care system. It has the highest per capita income. Better education, social support and low crime rate are the attractions of this country. There are people from different cultures. It has complex relationship with Canada. The income generation from tourism is very high. With free trade policies, it has become one of the top trading nations in the world. Toronto is one of the world’s most influential cities. The job prospects, weather and affordability are other attractions which make Canada the ideal place to live in.


If you are searching for an answer for ‘what country should I live in’, Iceland is the best option. The country made great progress after World War II. The country made great recovery in worldwide crisis in 2008. The life expectancy is 76 for men and 81 for women. The country has zero crime rates and it has no army. The literacy rate is 99%. Banks will run without police in this country. The country implements Nordic Social Welfare System so that health care and education is well looked after. It is one of the happiest countries in the world. The per capita book publishing done by Iceland is greater than any other country in the world. The sun will never set during summer. When it is too cold outside, you can hop into hot springs.

After assessing various parameters discussed above you can visit the nation on tourist visa or move permanently through immigration as per your interests and affordability. It is your chance to realize your real dreams in life!