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Most Obese Countries

obeseThe number of obese people on the planet has grown by nearly two and a half times over the past three decades. While they were 857 million back in 1980, now they are over 2.1 billion. Given the ever greater spread of this global issue, it is natural to ask yourself which are the most obese countries around the globe.

Obesity is a serious health problem as it poses a higher risk of serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. It is caused by a variety of factors that go beyond the amount of food consumed. The quality of the food and the nutrients which it contains are also important. The other major factor which affects the weight of people is their level of physical activity. Where does people’s lifestyle have the greatest negative impact on their weight? Take a closer look at the countries which have the largest share of obese population in the world according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

United States

Some 35.3% of all people over the age of 15 in the U.S. are obese. It is not surprising that the country which invented fast food is the most obese in the world. Fast food, which ranges from burgers and fries to pizza, is extremely high in fat and calories and very low in most beneficial nutrients. Another cause of the problem is the sedentary lifestyle which many Americans lead.

If you visit this country, you should certainly consider trying not only the famous hot dogs, but some of the traditional local specialties, which are much more nutritious and super delicious as well. The list includes Cobb Salad, Jambalaya and pot roast. You can also have great BBQ with fresh salad. All coastal regions offer great seafood dishes. There are many towns in Maine, for instance, which are famous for their lobster restaurants. There are plenty of opportunities for getting active too no matter whether you are in the heart of New York City, sunbathing in California or enjoying the wilderness of Alaska.


This is the second most obese country in the world with 32.4% of its population falling into this category. There are various factors which contribute to the growing rates of obesity in this country. The increase in household income as a result of the economic development is a major contributing factor. Additionally, the traditional tacos and burritos get a lot more fried meat and cheese these days. Besides, high-fat dairy products such as milk and cream are used for preparing many dishes. The reduced physical activity is also a major problem.

Despite all of these grim facts, you should not worry about getting a much bigger waistline after a trip to Mexico. You just need to pick carefully the foods which you eat. Some of the top foods to try while in the country include Tamale, Enchiladas, Chiles en Nogada and Mole. Some of the most amazing desserts to try include Pastel de tres leches and homemade flan. When it comes to activities, Mexico offers superb opportunities for all kinds of water and land sports from scuba diving to mountain biking.

New Zealand

This is the third most obese country in the world with obesity rate of 31.4% of the population. The fact that the country is among the richest on the planet is certainly not the only reason behind the statistics. Hamburgers and fish and chips, which are among the favorite local dishes, do have a considerable impact on the weight of people. The modern lifestyle which is predominantly sedentary also has an impact on the weight of people. It is interesting that the rate of obesity is higher among the Maori people and those of Polynesian descent compared to the people of

European and other descent.

Even though modern food in New Zealand is high in calories and low in nutrients, this does not apply to traditional cuisine. It is mandatory to try meat, vegetables and other side dishes cooked in the local earth ovens called hangi. The most famous traditional dessret in the country is Pavlova. It was invented by a chef in Wellington in 1926 for the world-famous Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova. You will certainly not gain any weight when visiting the country if you engage in one of the many outdoor activities which it offers. They range from hiking and biking to kayaking and fishing.


In this European country, the number of obese people accounts for 28.5% of the total population. The high consumption of meat and foods which are rich in sugar and salt is among the main causes of the problem along with the sedentary lifestyle. The country’s growing economic prosperity can also be linked to the growing number of obese people.

If you visit Hungary, you should not shy away from its most famous traditional dishes, however. The famous goulash is a great stew containing tender veal and a variety of vegetables. The famous Casabi sausages and the stuffed cabbage are also worth trying. Nokdeli is among the most popular side dishes. Dobos cake is among the most popular traditional desserts. Hungary offers superb opportunities for horseback riding and for hiking.


With 28.3% of Australians being obese, this country takes the fifth place on the list. It is also among the most prosperous countries in the world with high per capita income. Just like in the other developed countries around the globe, most people eat high-calorie foods and engage in little physical activity.
Visitors to Australia should not worry about their weight if they enjoy the traditional local dishes. Most of them are based on healthy fish and seafood including salmon, tuna, lobster and prawn. You can also try fresh beef and meat from exotic animals. There are plenty of excellent fruit desserts. The natural attractions of the country are extremely popular with tourists of all ages. You can enjoy walking, hiking, biking, climbing and water sports in the hundreds of national parks. You can surf at Bondi beach and enjoy scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef.

It is perfectly possible to eat healthy food and enjoy plenty of physical activities even in the most obese countries in the world.


  • Juliana¬† says:

    Even before reading the article I knew that the USA will be the first in the list of the most obese countries! Nothing to be proud of indeed. I am not American myself, but I was in the US nine times and I was unpleasantly surprised by the amount of obese people. Nothing surprising though… I remember ordering eggs for breakfast, and it came with a huge pile of French fries. I asked whether it was a mistake, because I ordered just eggs, and I was told that potatoes go by default! If to eat that much, the USA will take the first position for many years more…

  • Maryann¬† says:

    It is really a big problem in the USA. It is kind of main feature to be known as top most obese countries. If one is really obese, then it’s most likely he or she is American. People make their own choice what to eat, we have a huge variety of food in supermarkets and restaurants, but people choose unhealthy stuff of their own accord….. I don’t understand this.