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Coolest hotels

cool hotelWhat are the best hotels in the world? You will have great travel experiences in your life based on the best accommodation as well. There are some of the best luxurious hotels which will attract tourists from all over the world. you can do many things in the hotel alone so that there will be great fun and excitement. While some cost fortune, most of them are affordable so that you can plan a trip to these locations to have a real difference in your life.

Cool hotels of the world

Giraffe Manor located in Nairobi, Kenya is the best place where lions, leopards, elephants and rhinoceros can be witnessed. The brick mansion was built in 1932. The current property of the hotel is to the extent of 140 acres. There are 10 luxury suites where you will have highest level of fun and excitement. For one night stay, you are required to pay $1000. You will get discount if you stay for multiple weeks. It is one of the coolest hotels in the world.

Ashford Castle

2Ashford Castle is located in Northern Ireland. You can feel the difference as you enter the castle hotel. The earliest mansion was built in 1228. At the moment, the property of the hotel is 26,000 acres. The 5-star hotel has accommodations based on various kinds of activities. These activities include horse riding, clay shooting and golf. You can have great relaxation at world class spa. You can find a gallery in 2nd floor where famous people who visited the hotel is presented.

Londolozi Tree Camp

3Kruger National Park and Londolozi Tree Camp were established in 1926. The hotel located in South Africa played important role in preservation of wild life. the hotel was made accessible to presidents and princesses only for the first few decades. The name was changed to Londolozi in 1970s. the resort has been recognized as one of Africa’s finest resorts. The hotel offers exceptional service and luxurious facilities. The game reserve is the first in the world to get Relais & Châteaux status. You will want to pay $800 per one night stay. There will be 50% discount for kids.

De Glase Ice Hotel

The hotel is located in Canada and it was established in 2001. It was rebuilt with real snow and ice so that it can sport winter wonder world. The icy doors were open to visitors from around the world. you can find snow art in every theme room. There is so much of fun and excitement in this hotel. There are fully heated bathrooms and warming centers as well. you can undertake snowshoeing and hiking in this area. The starting price for one night stay is $199 per person.
There are many exciting hotels that are spread around the world. You should want to go through the reviews so that you will be able to figure out the best hotel where you can spend solid time with great comforts and excitement. You will have great fun and excitement when you visit the best hotel as per your needs.

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  • Heather  says:

    Wow, the hotel in the South Africa sounds really cool, or perhaps even one of the coolest hotels in the world! Where else on the earth is that possible? The rest are just hotels, well, luxurious ones, with something special, but the wild nature is just above all my expectations!