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Change name on US passport

passportTravellers sometimes go through the weirdest problems. From long flight delays, to being forced to hitchhike due to lack of travel arrangements, tourists face a myriad problem while travelling. However, some problems rear their ugly heads long before the travelling even begins.

Passports are supposed to be the holy grail of travelling. But since it’s human to err, sometimes these passports are prepared incorrectly. There might be spelling error regarding the traveller names or details. To rectify such a problem, travellers have to request a new or replacement U.S. passport. In many cases, a name change might be also requested by married women.

Spelling Errors/Printing Errors

1Travellers can request for a change of incorrect names, gender, or place of birth at any time while the passport is still valid. This is done at no charge.

A new and corrected passport is issued if the error is reported within one year of it being issued. This passport is usually valid for 10 years from the date it is issued.

However, the same passport is valid until the expiration of the incorrect passport, if the error is reported after one year.

Requesting a printing or spelling change

Travellers have to mail the Form DS-5504 with one passport-sized photo (Colour) and proof of the error.

Other than the online option, travellers can also print a blank Form DS-5504 and have it filled as per the guidelines.

Changing Names

3If a person is married or changes his/her name legally, he/she needs to apply for a brand new passport.

If the change is requested within one year of passport issuance:

You will not be charged the processing fee for the change, provided you have not requested expedited Service.

The travellers are required to submit Form DS-5504 by mail with the original, incorrect passport, the original copy of certified name change document (not photocopies), and a passport-sized photo (color). You may

If the change is requested after more than one year of passport issuance:

Travellers are eligible to use Form DS-82 if their request has been made after one year has passed since the passport was issued.

More information

passport-315266__180Form DS-82 can be submitted by mail with the original passport, the traveller’s original & certified name change document (no photocopies), a color passport photo, and the applicable fees.

If the change is requested after more than one year of passport issuance and the traveller is not eligible to use Form DS-82*, he/she must submit Form DS-11 in person at an Acceptance Facility or Passport Agency. Accompanying the request should be proof of evidence of U.S. citizenship, the traveller’s original or certified name change document (no photocopies), an ID proof and photocopy of that ID, a colored passport-size photo, and the applicable fees.

In case a person has changed his/her name due to a marriage and you have already been issued an ID in the new name, he/she will not need to provide proof of the name change. But they have to include the details of the marriage in the applicable section on Form DS-11.

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  • Belle¬† says:

    Thanks a lot for such useful information. I had this problem with my misspelt surname, so I was wondering how to change my name on my passport. I was really worried that it might turn out to be a problem with my trip to Europe… though now I can relax, enjoy my vacation, and then change the passport with no charge at all.